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Happy Thanksgiving

And I hope that everyone out there has plenty to be thankful for and is being very, very vocal about it. I know I’m doing my best. Here in Rocketland, we’re in the midst of video projects, creative projections and metaphoric projectiles. Milo the Beagle says hello from under the couch and Ms. Ladyface is safely wearing her helmet and safety goggles, as ideas go flying.

A new launch of the website is underway, and Rocket Productions, or whatever we’ll deem to call it in the end, is now in the throes of fully including my new fun obsessi-er…interest, thanks to the Santa Fe College Digital Media Program: video making and digital animation. We’ll see what comes of this. Stay tuned for updates on the websites, poetry projects, new poems and other paraphanalia. I have to go check out what Milo is staring at on the wall.


And here we go!!!

At the end of the 2nd year first quarter in my graphic design degree (a two year program), learning to do video, working on several websites for clients, with three video projects assigned due next week (re: goin’ loco) that each, when done normally, by a normal person take a LOT of time to do each….

luckily, or unluckily, I am not such a normal person. I choose to have an epiphany for the coolest idea since mac n cheese for my project, which would take so much more time to do it’s silly. Just silly.

Siiiiiigh. Ah, but what an idea. Once it’s done, it will be a short little movie of awesomeness, which I’ll share here. Now that I’m back. Not pretending to do any kind of amazing blog here, for now just thoughts.

Oh, and as a note to anyone thinking of spare changing by going up to someone’s door(point one), pretending ya’ll have met already, unsuccessfully trying to play on their sympathies, and SITTING IN THEIR PORCH CHAIRS while looking at you disapprovingly(f’serious?), here’s a tip: don’t repeatedly harangue/badger/manipulate/stare faux-morally at this person if they are, against all good common sense, not calling you mean things at this point and kindly pointing to their empty wallet and status as a student(the no trust fund kind). Generally, it’s not good PR. I get it, you’re desperate, but you’re scaring my dog, not taking no as an answer, and dealing with the most stupidly nice person here. My dad would’ve prolly emptied his spanish insult bag by now. Just sayin’.

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