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Distraction and Focus

Like many people, I’m someone who is big on dreams and desires, and short on implementation. I think that’s common. And then we run around disappointed in ourselves for all the awesome things and ideas we’re not acting on. So we go look at books, blogs and websites about happiness, goal setting, “getting things done”, etc written and created by people who seem so rabidly happy and productive that it makes one think they smoked something awesome. So we try, at first genuinely, and increasingly half hearted, to implement these things/tactics/measures ourselves, eventually ending up right back where we started. Sound familiar? Could be yes, could be no, could be a defensively proud assertation of your awesomeness, I still think that everyone goes through this a little bit.

When it comes down to it, with all the talk of fears and inner children and internal processes, it’s really just a matter of identifying what needs done, and getting up and doing it. I’m talking to myself here, too. Get off facebook. Really. Your social network won’t implode. Your farm will be fine. It doesn’t exist, after all, so I’m sure your imaginary sheep will make do. And, contrary to what is implied, you don’t, in fact, need to be up to date with the minutae of the lives of people somehow convinced to overshare and write a status about their awesome breakfast, or how they’re off to work, or the great time they just had in the bathroom. Really. And after a while, all the better-yourself reading of blogs and feelgood productivity/positive living websites becomes just another tool for your procrastinating demons. Allot half an hour to read up on blogs, and then get off the internet.

Just saying. I’ve spent the morning simultaneously being on facebook and writing about goals and action plans. And I realized how ridiculous that juxtaposition is.


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One thought on “Distraction and Focus

  1. karen g on said:

    Hahahaha! I think I go through this cycle, at minimum, once every couple of weeks, sometimes daily.
    This striving toward the dreams, the goals, is part of the whole.I try to remember that & be easier on myself.

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