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Happy Thanksgiving

And I hope that everyone out there has plenty to be thankful for and is being very, very vocal about it. I know I’m doing my best. Here in Rocketland, we’re in the midst of video projects, creative projections and metaphoric projectiles. Milo the Beagle says hello from under the couch and Ms. Ladyface is safely wearing her helmet and safety goggles, as ideas go flying.

A new launch of the website is underway, and Rocket Productions, or whatever we’ll deem to call it in the end, is now in the throes of fully including my new fun obsessi-er…interest, thanks to the Santa Fe College Digital Media Program: video making and digital animation. We’ll see what comes of this. Stay tuned for updates on the websites, poetry projects, new poems and other paraphanalia. I have to go check out what Milo is staring at on the wall.


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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Milo the Beagle, sounds like the beginning of something big or a a dyslexic take on one of the greatest cartoons ever.
    I promise to do my very best about Thanksgiving, a certain turkey is getting the royal treatment.

  2. karen g on said:

    Loving thanks for you, dears!

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